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          Syzygy Research & Technology Ltd.

          Current Projects


          Looking for teacher-approved review material? ExamBank has been bringing students the best in online practice tests for over 18 years! With hundreds of thousands of Canadian students using ExamBank year-round to reinforce the knowledge they learn in the classroom, ExamBank has became the standard resource used by more students than any other.

          Past Projects

          Though we currently devote all our resources towards ExamBank, in the past we have been involved in several other projects:

          The Digital Universe

          Way back in 1992, we started development on astronomical simulation software called "The Digital Universe".  Groundbreaking in its time, it provided a simulation of all known objects in the universe to an unprecedented level of detail and accuracy, and was used by everyone from astronomy enthusiasts to professional astronomers.  It was the core software used in groundbreaking studies as diverse as analyzing the atmosphere of Pluto's moon Charon, determining not only when certain pyramids in Egypt were built, but how long it took to do so, and identifying and dating the world's oldest solar eclipse recorded in stone.

          GPS Connectors

          For more than 20 years, we acted as the Canadian distributor for Garmin GPS connectors made by pfranc.com.

          Astronomical Image Library

          In the days before Google image search, we provided a search engine for hundreds of thousands of images of astronomical objects found online.  Though tightly integrated into our "Digital Universe" software, it was also a publicly accessible resource

          Student Administration Systems

          We developed a complete database solution to track student performance, administration, and finances for one of the largest distance education schools in Canada, handling the records of tens of thousands of students annually.

          Technology Consulting

          We have also been involved in a diverse array of other technology-related fields, including computer consulting, software development, database development, electronic hardware development, web site design, and GPS post-processing.